Gardening and Lawn Care Solutions for Suburban Living

As a suburban homeowner, keeping up with your lawn and garden can be both time consuming and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be! With a few creative solutions, you can make quick work of maintenance and more importantly, start enjoying the outdoors with some truly beautiful landscaping.

When it comes to lawn care, there are several key solutions to consider. First, know your climate. Different grass types may thrive better in different climates. Picking the right type of grass can save you a lot of time and money in the long run – you’ll need to water and nurture grass that is best adapted to your climate. Secondly, you’ll want to look at the type of equipment you’re using for mowing. Push-reel mowers are becoming increasingly popular for their low-cost, low maintenance design – plus, you’ll be significantly reducing your carbon footprint by avoiding the use of gasoline.

For truly meticulous landscaping, consider the use of edible plants that can thrive in your environment. Using native and edible flowers, shrubs and trees will not only provide you and your family with sustainable, homegrown food, but will also attract beneficial wildlife like bees and birds to your yard. Be sure to look up  the type of edible plants that will do well with your climate – certain types may require slightly more maintenance.

When it comes to garden care, covering plants with grass clippings is a great way to keep moisture in and weeds out. Additionally, composting is a great way to turn food waste into nutrient-rich soil. Not only will this save you money and resources, but it will also create a cycle of sustainability in your garden and landscaping.

Finally, for a truly beautiful lawn and garden, lattice work and trellises can be an attractive addition. This is great for creating a more dynamic look and will give your garden more of an indoor/outdoor feel.

Gardening and lawn care don’t have to be difficult or costly. With a few creative solutions, you can have a truly stunning and sustainable suburban landscape.

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